Wedding Culture

August 15, 2010

The wedding ceremony is an integral part of almost all cultures each with their own traditions and rituals. In Sudan the groom has to pay 20 – 40 cattles for the bride whilst in China as part of the wedding ceremony, tea is served to the elders. In Australia however, most tend to follow the traditional “white” wedding. Weddings has served in our current culture as a way to celebrate the union of two people and the joining of two families. The celebrations usually incorporate two events, the actual wedding ceremony and wedding feast.

Bridezilla is a new term that has entered our culture.
It is defined in Wikipedia as a “difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride” and has spawned its own reality TV Show from company, WeTV. This represents the “bad” side to the wedding culture and reflects on the current “me” generation.


Why are weddings so important? As a tradition it has endured thousands of years, some view it as a joining of families for arranged marriages, a public declaration of love or to build a solid foundation for a family. A question that was raised by Tim Dick from the Sydney Morning Herald is why marriage is currently only restricted to man and woman. It opens the question, should same sex unions by afforded the opportunity for their own wedding? This would be a radical culture shift from societal norms. Changing the current culture is never an easy process and is more gradual then sudden.


African People and Culture – Wedding Ceremonies

Chinese Wedding Customs and Rituals


Bridezillas – TV Show

Gay marriage: what would it really take?
by Tim Dick, August 18 2010


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