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Unisex toilets – to(i)-let or not to(i)-let

September 2, 2010

Equality between men and women, especially in the workplace, has prompted the emergence of unisex toilets. In America and in the UK, unisex toilets have become commonplace in workplaces, and is slowly being introduced in public places such as in restaurants, bars and shopping centres.

In BBC News UK , a man, Mr Glaser, sued a group of women for violation of his civil and privacy rights. The women had helped themselves with the men’s toilet after being tired of waiting in the long queues of women’s toilets during a San Diego rock concert. Mr Glaser claimed that he was unable to relieve himself in front of the women, causing him deep embarrassment and distress. However, the case was thrown out of court for being “frivolous”.

Although shared toilets have long been commonplace at home, I personally would be uncomfortable at the thought of sharing a public toilet with strangers from the opposite sex. In my opinion, it is an invitation for sex offenders to commit a crime in public places much more easily. This is of serious concern as toilets are used not only by adults, but by teenagers and children too. Safety is paramount.

In an article in The Daily Telegraph , a lady was followed by a stranger and sexually assaulted in a unisex toilet at a popular Sydney bar. Imagine how easy it is for offenders to access the toilets and choose their victims. How can male or female feel safe in unisex toilets? Who will be liable if anything happens? Why change something that already works?

Say NO to Unisex toilets.

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